Volcano Oil Diffuser


Estimated delivery date 2024/07/21

Volcano Oil Diffuser uses negative ion technology to effectively relieve nasal allergy. A quiet design that is suitable for bedroom meditation and yoga at home. Enjoy the aromatherapy life while at home. It releases a fragrance that is good for meditation or yoga. Scent and air purification functions allow more fresh air. At the end of a tiring day, the body and mind relax deeper with resting time.


Volcano Oil Diffuser Features:

  • 7 color breathing light changes different lighting
  • dry automatic power-off protection
  • PP material environmental corrosion
  • 2.4mHz high frequency atomizing function volatile uniform.


Note: The aroma of essential oils need to match in order to maximize the effectiveness of;


Lavender Essential oil

Odor character: Sweet Kusaka

The main effect: Relieve stress and mild anxiety


Orange oil

Odor character: Fresh, sweet citrus aroma

The main effect: Ease of mind, feel good


Sandalwood oil

Odor character: Calm rich, woody, and balsamic mystery

The main effect: Feel peaceful, soothing the spirit of calm irritable mood.


Peppermint oil

Odor character: Cool mint flavor

The main effect: Antipyretic and refreshing boost mood



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