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This Diffuser Is Perfect For Everyday Use, For All Kinds of Oils

Take aromatherapy with you wherever you go with this portable car oil diffuser. Whatever oil you’re using – whether you have white tea and fig diffuser oil or germ-killing essential oils to diffuse – this diffuser is perfect for you! It’s compatible with all types of diffuser oil and is effective in dispersing it to bring the aromatherapy experience with you in your car or in your office.

The design of this diffuser is so interesting people of all ages will like it, if you want to buy a kid’s oil diffusers to introduce aromatherapy to your young ones, then this will be perfect for your family!


Risk-Free and Hassle-Free Aromatherapy At An Affordable Price

Our oil diffusers better than candles? Yes, definitely! The two main reasons are: first, diffusers are a lot more effective than candles when it comes to dispersing essential oils aroma in a given space; second, it’s a lot safer than candles – especially those that are made out of paraffin wax, which is said to release toxic chemicals as it burns. Besides the risk of getting toxic chemicals into your system, the flame of candles can put your home at risk and it can not be brought just anywhere, unlike this portable USB essential oil diffuser which you may take with you even inside your car or in your office. As long as you have a USB cable, an adapter, and a charging point – you’re good to go!


Car Essential Oil Diffuser Features:

  • Rotatable Node to Adjust Mist Flow Direction
  • Blue/Red Changing Light That Indicates Device State
  • Compatible With All Kinds of Diffuser Oil Refill
  • Outgoing USB Port – Can Be Used as a Charging Port or Terminal For Your Phone
  • Extremely Portable – Can Be Charged Using The Car’s Auxiliary Power Outlet
  • Can Also Be Charged on any USB Power Outlet


Car Essential Oil Diffuser Application: 

  • For Personal Use
  • Can Be Used at Home For Relaxing
  • Disinfecting Small Areas
  • Can be used in the Car While Driving
  • Can be used at The Office


Car Essential Oil Diffuser Material:

  • Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
  • Polypropylene


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