9 Reasons To Use Essential Oils Instead Of Perfumes

Essential Oils As Perfume

Essential oils have been utilized to promote health and wellness for thousands of years. Many individuals have started using essential oils instead of perfume in recent years because they give several benefits that commercial fragrances do not. Essential oils may be a fantastic way to smell nice without wearing synthetic perfume.

Perfumes are frequently created from oils, but they include compounds that you may not want to apply to your skin or inhale. To assist with this, I’ve identified 9 incredible essential oil mixes that can be used as perfume to give oneself a long-lasting smell all day!


1. Essential Oils Offer a Pure, Clean, Natural Scent

Essential oils emit a pure, clean, natural smell that is just as powerful as any bottle of perfume. There are several reasons why essential oils should be preferred over perfume. They can be used to create different scents; they can be used in perfumes to enhance the original fragrance or to create your scent; they are more natural than perfumes; they are great for aromatherapy; they can be used to treat many illnesses; they smell great, and they are therapeutic.

Were you aware that millions of individuals are sensitive to the chemicals included in perfumes? And that’s just the people that are aware of it. Every day, many more people suffer despite believing that nothing is wrong. To get the advantages of pure scented oils, use essential oils instead of perfume in conjunction with your garden companions or on their own.

To release the pure, clean smell into the air around you, I recommend dab a few drops of essential oils into your wrists, behind your ears, and on the nape of your neck. Because of their high concentration, essential oils have a considerably stronger fragrance than perfume. A small amount goes a long way.


2. Essential Oils Last Longer Than Perfumes


Women Using Essential Oil As Perfume


Essential oils have a considerably longer shelf life than fragrances. Perfumes only last a few hours, whereas essential oils might last for several days. Why? Because there is no alcohol or other chemical that evaporates like perfumes, and essential oils are absorbed into the skin, a healthy smell is created. Why would you want to expose yourself to chemical-laden fragrances when you can scent the air around you with natural essential oils?

Essential oils stay longer than fragrances, and the best essential oils (organic, therapeutic grade) may be worn all day without reapplying. Every morning, I apply my favorite oils and wear them throughout the day. I work with essential oils, and I can still smell myself after ten hours! Subtle and mild smells help you to keep fresh while avoiding headaches caused by powerful perfumes and air fresheners.

For thousands of years, essential oils have been utilized as healing elixirs. They are, in fact, the oldest marketed medical items in human history. Today, men and women use essential oils to treat medical problems, elevate their spirits, and improve their general well-being. They may also be used to make a natural scent. Although perfume is man-made, pure essential oils are produced naturally by plants and trees. They have different smells, feel different on the skin, and even act differently in the body. A new scent for men and women is on the rise. It is becoming more popular as more people get interested in a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner environment.


3. Essential Oils Are Not As Expensive As Perfume Is

A little bottle of perfume can cost $100 or more, but a small bottle of essential oils is usually less than $20. Essential oils are also reusable, whereas perfume is intended to be worn just once.
Essential oils are not as expensive as a perfume; in fact, they are sometimes considerably less expensive! Essential oils will last you far longer than perfume and have far more beneficial effects on your body. Here is why:

Essential oils are simple to use and frequently less expensive than perfume. This is because oils may be combined with carrier oils to provide the same scent for a fraction of the expense of perfume. Essential oils are also completely natural, so there will be no bad effects no matter how many times you spray yourself, making them safer for everyone in your house.

Essential oils are nature’s most exquisite scents. Unlike many perfume components, they are taken directly from the plant and are not chemically processed. The aromatic molecules of essential oils are too little to remain on the skin yet powerful enough to be breathed in by your nasal passage.


4. Essential Oils Are Extremely Safe To Use

Essential oils are incredibly safe to use and are exceedingly rare to produce any sort of allergic response or negative reaction. While there are many wonderful perfume alternatives on the market today, the chemicals in most fragrances may do your body harm, such as headaches, rashes, and even more serious concerns like liver damage. You may decrease or eliminate these risks by utilizing essential oils instead of toxic fragrances.

The usage of essential oils has been proven to be highly safe. This is because they are entirely natural and pure. Essential oils are derived organically from plants, herbs, and fruits. They are also free of chemicals, alcohol, synthetic additives, and preservatives.

Essential oils have been proved in studies to be non-toxic, safe to use, and widely utilized across the world. One of the most popular reasons individuals use essential oils is to relieve stress, which is always good for the mind, body, and spirit. Some individuals use them if they want to avoid the hazardous chemicals contained in most perfumes.

5. Essential Oils Do Not Irritate Your Skin

Essential oils are not synthetic, but rather natural. They are chemical-free, organic, and all-natural. Yes, you may wear natural oils to make yourself smell nice! Natural oils are safe for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children of all ages, and newborns with sensitive skin who are often affected by synthetic chemicals found in conventional perfumes and colognes. By using essential oils instead of perfume, you avoid putting dangerous pollutants on your skin and leaving unsightly residue on your cushions and furnishings.

Because essential oils are considerably milder in fragrance than perfumes, you will never feel over-scented. The natural oils are applied directly to the skin rather than being sprayed into the air and ingested. Essential oils, unlike fragrances, do not contain harmful metals, phthalates, or synthetic compounds that have been linked to cancer or other significant health issues.

Essential oils are not the same as fragrances. They are the basis of aromatherapy, are frequently used for medical purposes, and are derived from candles or plants. Oils are usually applied to the skin, absorbed into the circulatory system, and breathed through the respiratory system.


6. Essential Oils Have Therapeutic Benefits

Your sense of smell is arguably more strongly linked to your memories and emotions than any other sense. This is due to the fact that when you smell anything, it goes via your olfactory bulb, which extends from your nose to the bottom of your brain and connects to your hippocampus and amygdala. These regions of the brain are in charge of your memories and emotions, which is why smell can be so potent.
Essential oils can help you calm down, sleep better, alleviate headaches, and improve massage therapy.

I’ve created a list of the best essential oils, as well as their advantages.

  • Chamomile: Stress-relieving herb
  • Clary sage: Helps with relaxation
  • Eucalyptus: Helps Clear sinuses
  • Ginger: can help with nausea
  • Lavender: promotes better sleep
  • Lemon: Boosts happiness and focus
  • Peppermint: Increases alertness and reduces headaches
  • Rosemary: Sharpen your concentration
  • Sweet Orange: Reduced Anxiety
  • Ylang-ylang: Reduces tension


You may make your own essential oil or seek for a ready-made blend at your local natural health food store. In any case, I strongly advise wearing a blend throughout cancer treatment so that you do not link a specific smell with cancer therapy.


7. You Can Layer Them to Create Different Scents


Essential Oils Mix


Essential oils are without a doubt the greatest fragrances to use in DIY perfumes. I’m here to explain why I believe essential oils should be used instead of perfume. Essential oils have a much generally better scent than perfume and stay much longer. You may also combine essential oils to create a smell that is unique to you.

Essential oils have several advantages that go well beyond those provided by fragrances. Not only can essential oils be layered to produce new smells, but they also can cleanse the air and relax your mind and body. Essential oils can be mixed alone or in combination with other oils to produce unique fragrances. They are of therapeutic quality and contain no additions or chemicals, making them suitable for direct application to the skin.

Essential oils are the pinnacle of natural aromatherapy, allowing you to tailor your smell or create different layered scents to fit your mood. Add a few drops of essential oil to one of our handcrafted bath salts to change the overall smell. The greatest rule to follow when using essential oils in place of perfume is to use only one drop at a time. The aroma will linger longer, and you will have created your one-of-a-kind trademark fragrance.


8. Most Herbalists Recommend Essential Oils

The essential oils smell delightfully natural, with none of the cloying or artificial odors found in most perfumes. They also contain active ingredients that seek to repair the body rather than merely concealing odors with more harmful chemicals.

I compiled a list of 5 essential oils that should be used instead of fragrances, along with their benefits.

    • Lavender oil – can help to relieve tension, worry, and anxiety
    • Rose oil – aids in the prevention of aging and wrinkles
    • Tea tree oil – is a powerful antibacterial that may be used to treat acne and greasy skin
    • Patchouli oil – aids in the treatment of skin sensitivities and psoriasis

  • Sweet Almond oil – is a great moisturizer and wrinkle reducer

For many men and women, using essential oils instead of perfume will rapidly become a new way of life. A single natural essential oil can satisfy various senses, but some ladies think that more than one distilled oil is necessary to give a true scent change. Certain plants have pleasant smells, while others have more disagreeable ones. It is vital to understand how essential oils are classified based on their smells and medicinal qualities.


9. You Can Use Essential Oils in Diffusers for Your Room


Essential Oil Diffuser For Bed Room


In place of perfume, essential oils might be utilized. Did you know that a single bottle of essential oil may replace many bottles of perfume? A few drops are all that are required to experience the smell of essential oils. Essential oils are not only pleasant to the senses, but they also offer health advantages. They may be put to a diffuser or a room mist to create a calming, fragrant smell, or they can be applied straight to your skin with a roll-on container. For ages, essential oils have been used for vanity, happiness, and well-being.

If you wear perfume every day, you might want to give this a shot. The truth is that essential oils may be used with your favorite perfume to produce a smell with fewer chemicals. Essential oils are also useful for treating common ailments such as headaches and fatigue. If you’re looking for a natural alternative to standard perfume, essential oils are the way to go.


What Is the Distinction Between Essential Oil and Perfume?

Essential oils and fragrance oils are sometimes misconstrued as the same thing, yet they couldn’t be more unlike!


Essential oils are composed entirely of natural ingredients


Essential Oils Recommended by Herbalists


Essential oils are extracted from various plant parts such as flowers, herbs, or roots. These oils are pure extractions produced by steam reforming or solvent evaporation, and they are not mixed with a carrier oil. The extraction procedure may be difficult depending on the type of plant. These oils are (neat), which indicates they have not been processed, diluted, or otherwise changed with solvents or other additives. Essential oils are difficult to manufacture since they may contain 50-500 different naturally occurring chemicals present in plants, not all of which have been identified.


In a laboratory, fragrance oils are produced
One of the most significant benefits is that they really are non-volatile and last longer than essential oils. Fragrance oils are classified into two types:

  • Fragrance Oils Synthetic
  • Fragrance Oils Made from Natural Ingredients

There is a significant distinction between these two types of fragrance oils. Synthetic scent oils are produced chemically from chemical components that do not occur in nature. When reading a fragrance label, avoid scents like these, especially if you have skin sensitivity. They are frequently made from petroleum byproducts, making them cheaper yet more flexible. Many of the less expensive commercially available scented items are made using synthetic scents since they can keep their perfume for extended periods of time.


Which Has The Greater Health Benefits?

Aromatherapy employs essential oils to treat muscular pain, skin issues, and other physical ailments. Essential oils are highly appreciated for their usage in skin and hair softening, skin moisturizing, rash and eczema treatment, and stress and migraine relief. Essential oils, unlike fragrance oils, can be consumed internally. Many individuals apply essential oils straight to their skin or use them in baths. Others may use an olfactory system, such as a humidifier, to apply it.

Fragrance oils, which are manufactured primarily to imitate a perfume, do not have the same health benefits as essential oils. Nature is complicated, and essential oils include more than simply smell components, making them difficult to replicate. We miss out on the plant’s beneficial benefits when we simply extract its natural aromatic components. Fragrance oils, on the other hand, improve the aroma of a broad variety of perfumes, and candles (they hold a better scent in hot temperatures).


The Bottom Line

Look no farther than essential oils for a more natural, less expensive method to smell nice! With the growing popularity of essential oils for aromatherapy and skin care, more individuals are learning how to utilize them for scent as well. Using essential oils instead of perfume can help you save money while still providing greater, long-lasting benefits. The antibacterial qualities of essential oils help keep you feeling fresher for longer.


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