Can You Microwave Essential Oils, Read This Before You Do Anything Crazy

Microwaving Essential Oils

Essential oils can be microwaved to clean the microwave. It is safe to do so, but would it be a good idea for you to microwave essential oil? The answer depends on what kind of essential oil you are microwaving. Below, we will go over the most common types of essential oils that individuals need to microwave.    


Why Would You Want To Microwave An Essential Oil In The First Place

The essential oils can be microwaved to clean your microwave to eliminate residue, stains, and unpleasant smells. You don’t need heavy-duty cleaners to clean your microwave because in the first place, microwaving essential oil is the best solution to remove all dirt inside the microwave. Microwaving essential oils is energetically suggested after you microwave something stinky, similar to fish. Regardless of whether it’s essential oils with a perfume scent, olive oil, or coconut oil, the microwave is safe to utilize. The essential oil is the best tool to remove all unpleasant smells and residue in cleaning a microwave. I was curious about what types of essential oil I should mix together  to safely use in my microwave. I did some research and I found out these best types of essential oils that individuals need to microwave.    


Citrus Essential Oil

  Citrus Essential Oils Well known for aromatic purposes and also for household cleaning. It helps to remove stains and bad odor from your microwave. You will enjoy the amazing fragrance of citrus essential oil that could be even used as cologne.



Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oils The lavender essential oil has an antimicrobial and anti-odor that help to eliminate the bad smell, and also help to remove mold or stains inside the microwave.



Basil Essential Oil

Basil Essential Oils

This type of essential oil is mostly used for cooking, however, it is a great essential oil as well in cleaning. It has wonderful cleansing benefits that help to eliminate unpleasant smells inside the microwave. There is a wide range of types of essential oils that you use in your own car that you can use in the microwave, each one of them has an extraordinary aroma. That’s why you should never mix any kind of essential oil when you use it in cleaning your microwave. One essential oil at the time can help improve your focus on cleaning.



Is It Safe To Microwave Essential Oils and How To Use It Properly

Yes, it is safe to microwave essential oil for a very short time, but certain precautions should be followed. The compartment should be microwave safe and totally dry, any drop of water can cause a possible blast. So here are some tips to microwave essential oils.

  • Take a small drop of your favorite essential oil and put it onto a microwave-safe dish. I suggest utilizing a fragrance that meshes well with the kitchen, like citrus.
  • Set the heating time to less than 30 seconds and when the timer beeps, remove the essential oil from the microwave immediately.
  • Take a paper towel, dishcloth, or a hand towel and wipe within the microwave. The residue will not be difficult to eliminate, and whenever you are done, your microwave will smell fresh, new, and clean.

Regardless of whether you are heating essential oil for cleaning, make a point to mix regularly to try and out the temperature to get the best outcome. Microwaving oil can be safe, but you need to monitor the time so that it won’t heat too much.    


Will Essential Oils Damage Your Microwave

Microwaves warm things up by sending electromagnetic radiation by means of water atoms, which then, at that point, makes the particles vibrate, engendering the hot energy. Tragically, oil doesn’t have water atoms in its primary creation. Along these lines, the hotness is moved from the dish to the oil to warm up. The dish is the main thing that gets heated up, however, the hotness does slowly pass to the oil. The oil normally stays cold even subsequent to warming in a microwave. The warming system process should not be exaggerated. If warming is delayed, then, at that point, there is huge pressure put on the dish and it might break or explode because of thermodynamics between the hot holder and cold oil. The oil doesn’t warm up and energy is moved to the holder, which can explode because of the contrast in temperature, which is very dangerous. The essential oil will damage your microwave if you don’t use it properly.    


How Essential Oils In Your Microwave Affect The Taste Of Your Food Afterwards

How Essential Oils In Your Microwave Affect The Taste Of Your Food

A microwave is one of the most habitually utilized apparatuses in your kitchen. With all that you heat up in your microwave, food, and oil gather over the long run. Microwaving essential oil affects the taste of your food because essential oil is aromatic, it will improve the flavor, odor, and color when mixed with foods. Some essential oils are approved in food flavorings, it also helps to control your appetite so no need to worry if the essential oil is added. But if you don’t want to, you need to dry and clean the entire microwave. When the essential oil is heated up, use a towel to wipe the microwave inside and out to make sure that the strong scent of the oil is totally removed. By cleaning your microwave properly it won’t affect the taste of your food afterward. Remember if you are going to microwave essential oil choose an approved food flavoring essential oils because there are some oils that are poisonous that can harm your body. Make sure that you check the label of the essential oil before using it.    


Final Thoughts On Microwaving Essential Oils

Microwaving essential oil is fairly safe and simple as long as you heat modest quantities for an exceptionally short time span. The actual oil doesn’t absorb microwaves, yet rather the dish will warm up and act as a conductor to warm the essential oil. While it could be safe to microwave small amounts of oil, you should not keep on warming at high temperatures. Keep in mind, the oil doesn’t warm up and energy is moved to the holder, which can explode because of the contrast in temperature, which is very dangerous. Knowing that oil can get hot without making steam vanish, so it is difficult to decide the temperature outwardly. Likewise, the compartment will be incredibly hot in light of the fact that it retains all the hotness from the machine. With the right power setting and timing, the oil will not explode in the microwave. Stay away from moving warmed oil in a chilly holder which can be hazardous, and don’t overheat any oil as this can result in fire risk. To stay away from a dangerous blast, utilize a limited quantity of essential oil, and stay away from overheating excessively long. Despite the fact that you can microwave essential oil safely, heating up large quantities at one time increases the chances of exploding or catching fire due to prolonged stress on the container. So we must follow the simple tips above to avoid danger. So therefore there is a possibility that essential oil will damage your microwave if you don’t use it properly. That’s why we need to read more before we do anything crazy.    

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