Can Car Diffusers Remove Cigarette Smells From Your Vehicle?

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When there is a lingering cigarette smell left by a smoker inside your car, the odor may become an annoyance to you, the residue is oftentimes too stubborn to go away on its own, so the best and natural way to get rid of the smoke is through a Car Essential Oil Diffusers.

The unpleasant smell of cigarettes inside the car is notably difficult to get rid of. The materials that make up the interior such as vinyl, rubber, leather and other fabrics absorb the harmful complex mixture of chemical compounds which is the result after a brief or long period of smoking. If you are a non-smoker, the scent can be painful to the nose especially if you and your family frequently use it for school or travels. Not to mention that this odor is not safe for the kids, cigarette smell can also affect adults. The harmful substances from unburnt particles are very disadvantageous to anyone who inhales it.

Also, not only is the smoke smell risky to health, but the exposure of the car to it can degenerate its future price if ever it is going to be resold. Used non-smoker cars are given at a considerable premium above their Kelley Blue Book value (KBB) compared to used smoker cars. Since it is common for many of us that second-hand smoke and even third-hand smoke can cause early deaths and diseases to children and adults, many local communities including several states in the U.S. encourage interested secondhand car buyers to go for the ones in which the microenvironment is not polluted.

There are a lot of negative implications if a car is filled with the smell of cigarettes or tobacco. If your car’s upholstery has been pervaded by this odor, then keep reading to learn how to remove the persisting stench just by only using essential oils.



How Is the Smell of Cigarette in the Car Dangerous?

The lingering residue of cigarettes inside the car can still damage anyone who inhales it. This is a leftover of nicotine and other harmful substances that stick on the wall, seats, and even on the fabric floor mats. According to researchers, these chemicals that stay inside your car can cause symptoms just like what first and second-hand smokers get. Various medical risks can affect anyone who is frequently inside the car. To be aware of the dangers and hassles of the lingering cigarette smell, here are what the odor may cause:

Cancer Researchers are currently investigating an odd increase in lung cancer cases. They believe that third-hand smoke may be a culprit. This possibility is backed up by a 2010 published study that shows that the nicotine that is present inside the car may form carcinogens after reacting with nitrous acid in the air. Carcinogens are components that can cause cancer.

Even though there may be a connection between third-hand smoking and cancer, researchers still look for evidence that can further support this.

Damaged DNA Being exposed to third-hand smoke has been shown through a study that it may break and damage human DNA. When the DNA is damaged, there is a high chance of getting diseases.
Exposure to toxic substances Children are at most risk of third-hand smoke. When kids are inside a car that has been smoked with cigarettes before, there is a high chance that the harmful chemicals can penetrate easily on their bodies due to their frequent touching of objects and putting their hands in their mouths.

Non-smokers who have smokers around them or are exposed to a cigarette-smoked area are at risk too.

Difficulty to eliminate the residue The residue of cigarette smell builds up over time whatever the surfaces it has reached. It persists to exist for months and even years. Even if you treat your car with all sorts of cleaning methods, the residue continuous to stay there. The difficulty often leaves car owners to replace the carpets and more which can be very costly.


Eliminating cigarette smell can be very expensive. However, there is a natural solution to purify the air which is through using essential oils and a car diffuser, but of course, this should not be the only step of the process in building a toxic-free environment inside your car. You may also make a big difference by not just reducing the presence of the harmful chemicals, but as well as completely abstaining from smoking. This will spare you and your family from any future medical conditions and risks.


How Does a Car Essential Oil Diffusers Eliminate the Smell of Cigarette Inside Your Vehicle?

Car oil diffusers are not only a way to experience the benefits of essential oils in improving the body’s health condition. It also serves as an excellent means to cleanse the air in an area it can cover. If you are one of those whose car has a cigarette smell or you have purchased one from a smoker, you can definitely count on an innovative car diffuser to a certain degree. Although a car diffuser is not as heavy-duty as a HEPA air filter, this can help in other ways due to its antifungal and antimicrobial properties which help in refreshing and cleaning the surrounding air. It also offers other healing properties once inhaled.

Several types of researches support the fact that plant extracts lessen airborne bacteria growth and reduce contaminations caused by microbes. Since cigarettes have hundreds of different bacteria strains which include several human pathogens that may cause damage in the respiratory system, the tiny molecules of the essential oil that have been emitted in the form of a mist through a car diffuser sticks to the surfaces where the harmful chemicals are present. This explains why suitable aromatherapeutic oil changes the status of your car’s environment and atmosphere.


Essential Oils


What Essential Oils Can Purify the Air and Eliminate Car Odors?

Diffusing pure plant extracts can help a lot in cleaning the air. However, to have better results, eliminating the source of cigarette smell can cause a huge impact not only for your kids but as well as to your future car expenses. It is time to ditch the whole habit of relying on rolling down the car windows as a way to ventilate because it does not work at all. Instead, you can switch on to a natural alternative such as essential oils.

Some of the best essential oils for your car diffuser includes:

  • Tea Tree oil

  • Citrus

  • Lemongrass

  • Ylang Ylang

  • Bergamot

  • Orange

  • Grapefruit

  • Eucalyptus

  • Lavender

  • Rosemary


Precautions in Using Car Essential Oil Diffusers

If you want to purify the air inside your car, you must consider investing in a quality diffuser that is compact and easy to use while at the same time maximizes the cleansing properties of your oil of preference. It must suit the size of your vehicle as well to ensure that the mist reaches all surfaces adequately. Also, you have to avoid essential oils that may make you drowsy such as chamomile and sweet marjoram. It also has to be away from the view to avoid blocking your vision whilst driving. In some places, hanging things from your rearview mirror is deemed illegal. Lastly, since the use of essential oils must be in an intermittent manner, it should be that your car diffuser can be unplugged or put away. In case it can’t be done, then you may take a breakthrough opening the windows.


Car Essential Oil Diffusers

What Are the Qualities of an Ideal Car Diffuser?

There are certain qualities to look for in an ideal car diffuser. This includes:

  • Does not emit overpowering scents
  • Does not emit too much mist
  • Capable of being turned off
  • Does not interfere with your safety while driving your car



Car Diffusers


What’s the Go-To Place To Get a Top-Grade Car Diffuser?

The stench of a cigarette or whatever odor is present in your car can pose many risks especially if they become a breeding place for bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. Since a car is one of the primary modes of transportation and it can reach many places, it also increases your exposure to many other pollutants. To maintain the healthy quality of the environment and air inside your car, a quality diffuser can work wonders. Treasure Hutch is the most trusted brand where car diffusers are built intensely in detail.

There is a wide variety of types and designs in Treasure Hutch’s collection of car diffusers depending on which one would work conveniently for you. Also, you don’t have to look elsewhere for essential oils too because we have everything you need here. We provide organic and locally-produced oils which are of high quality! Diffusing essential oils inside your car is one of the major ways you can do to transform its condition as well as your family’s health during travels and vacations.

So what are you waiting for? Get rid of the cigarette smell in your car by visiting Treasure Hutch and order your car diffuser right now!


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