Can Electric Diffusers Take Away Cigarette Smells From Your Carpet?

electric diffusers take away cigarette smells from your carpet


A convenient and more natural way of dealing with unpleasant odors such as the smell of cigarette smoke is through installing quality electric diffusers. Placing it near susceptible areas where the smell lingers such as your carpet can contribute towards purifying the air inside your room.

Cigarette smoking has become a popular habit enjoyed by many; however, there are lots of downsides when there is a smoker in your family. This includes smoke residues that may build up over time in several surfaces or home interiors. This can stay for days, weeks, and even months when it goes unnoticed or the habit of smoking inside your home continues. One of the areas which can hold onto many smells is the carpets and rugs. Whatever strong odor fills the air, these soft furnishings can easily soak in the smells that collect in the room’s atmosphere.

Getting rid of cigarette smells is not easy. Thankfully, with several innovations such as the in-demand electric diffusers that are out in the market, the odor does not have any reason to stay any longer. At the end of this article, you will be able to decide if an electric diffuser would be the best method in eliminating the cigarette smells in your carpet. Before we start though, let us find out why it is important to put an end to the persisting smell of smoke on your textile floor coverings.


why is cigarette smell harmful


Why Is Cigarette Smell Harmful?

Exposure to the remaining chemical substances after cigarette smoking can still cause various diseases and illnesses such as premature death, heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer. Even if you do not smoke, if you are near someone who does or you are at a smoker’s property, you are still at risk of getting these medical conditions. The newest concept that should concern everyone is third-hand smoke. The invisible residue or dust from a used cigarette stays in the area even after the activity is over. The harmful substances cling to the walls, clothing, furniture, carpets, and other materials exposed to the cigarette smell.

Studies have shown that there are toxic chemicals that you can get from third-hand smoking alone. These include butane, toluene, hydrocyanic acid, arsenic, carbon monoxide, lead, and even polonium-21-. Butane is commonly known to be used in lighter fluid, hydrocyanic acid is used in making chemical weapons, and polonium-210 is an intense radioactive carcinogen. All these are very obvious that they can harm the body once they are inhaled. These can easily get inside through your respiratory system when they are already in the environment.

Smoking is a habit by consenting adults and although they are free to indulge themselves in this, it cannot be denied that cigarette smell is unpleasant. The odor is easily transferred to carpets as these are made of fibers that immediately absorb the particles from the surrounding environment. There are many ways to remove the particles emitted by cigarettes; however, the smell is enduring. To relive a healthy home condition, it is time to think about installing an electric diffuser.


what is an electric oil diffuser


What Is an Electric Oil Diffuser? 

Electric oil diffusers go by their name; they diffuse using electricity. Having one or more installed at your home or office helps in improving your overall health through the plant extracts that are dispersed in the air. This is one of the most used types of diffusers due to how convenient and effective it works in spreading the medicinal properties of essential oils. Unlike the other diffusers, an electric oil diffuser has four kinds available in the market.

Four of the sought-after electric diffusers are:

Ultrasonic Diffuser The essential oil in this diffuser is diluted with water before it is actually diffused. It is the ultrasonic vibration that is responsible for breaking down the essential extracts into micro-particles that form into a mist.
Nebulizing Diffuser Diffusing a pleasant scent is done primarily through pressurizing air when using a nebulizing diffuser. This does not require heat or water and is considered to be a low-maintenance choice. This means that this diffuser spreads the plant extracts in their purest state.
Heat Diffuser With a heat diffuser, the oil is being evaporated. A heat diffuser can maximize the medicinal benefits depending on what oil you use.
Evaporative Diffuser Evaporative diffusers work by transforming the oil into gas through a small fan. The gas is then dispersed into the air.


electric diffuser eliminates_cigarette smells from carpet


What Does an Electric Diffuser Do to Eliminate Cigarette Smells From Your Carpet?

Electric diffusers function mainly through ultrasound which is located at the base of the unit. It may or may not require water to function well. If it needs water, the device contains a membrane that will make the water vibrate at an extreme frequency and intensity to diffuse the essential oil with water. This, in turn, generates cold smoke or a misty vapor. The fog that is emitted by the electric diffuser scatters all over the room. Depending on which essential extract you choose, the number of bacteria or other harmful substances in the carpet will reduce. The unpleasant smell of cigarette smoke will also be gradually eliminated the moment the diffused oil particles rest on the fibers of the carpet.

If you are eyeing an electric diffuser that does not need water, you will get to experience the diffusion of essential oil in its purest form. No need for water or any carrier oils due to the built-in pumping system that instantly disperses the molecules in the environment. This gives off a cold mist as well as the aroma of the essential oil. One great advantage in using this kind of electric diffuser is that, since this does not involve heating, the properties of the oil are maintained. Therefore, the antimicrobial characteristics and the authentic aroma of the oil will fight off the unpleasant smell and the causes of odor more intensely.

There is a need to regularly use the diffuser because the problem with cigarette odor does not go away after just a few hours. Moreover, although diffusers and essential oils work great in dealing with a cigarette smell, this is only part of the whole process of living in a healthier environment. To ensure that the smell will be totally eliminated, the best way to start that is by stopping the habit of smoking.


Best Essential Oils for Cigarette Smells

One thing that makes essential oils great for cigarette smells is that they have that natural smell that promotes relaxation and lightens up the mood. They also target other odors such as pets, stinky food, and trash can. Moreover, diffused essential oils, unlike other air fresheners that emit harsh chemicals, do not just mask the stale smell of cigarette but it neutralizes and totally eliminates the stench.

Some of the best plant essences to try out are:

  • The lemon essential oil is a great deodorizer.
  • Fir essential oil which has the ability to freshen and clean the air.
  • Lime essential oil is a natural neutralizer of cigarette smell and musty odors.
  • Tea Tree oil reduces the number of bacteria and other harmful microbes lingering in the carpet.
  • Lime essential oil as an air purifier.
  • Lemongrass oil as an air freshener and eliminator of smoky smells from surfaces.
  • Bergamot rids off smoky odors through its floral scent.


high quality electric diffuser for your home


The Perfect Place to Find a High-Quality Electric Diffuser for Your Home

With the popularity of diffusers, many products start to be available in the market. Some may be of quality, but there are also a few which are sold mainly for profit. Of course, we only want electric diffusers that are capable of doing their job at a high-intensity level especially when dealing with the most stubborn smell of all: the cigarette smell. To have the assurance that people get what they paid for, many wellness-lovers go for Treasure Hutch. Each electric diffuser is made and tested meticulously to ensure that it is of high-quality. There are different types and designs too which you can choose from, so thinking about which suits your interior is no longer a problem.

No matter what kind of carpets you have, from large ones to small ones, even those which are furry or vehicular carpets, Treasure Hutch’s electric oil diffusers can penetrate the very fibers to extinguish the lingering smell of cigarette no matter how long it has stayed there. Treasure Hutch is not just home for first-rate diffusers for it also provides the finest essential oils. From the citrusy aromatic extracts to the sweet-smelling oils, everything is available here! Nothing is more reassuring than knowing that Treasure Hutch works with the local producers of essential oils. We only want to give you the best aromatherapy experience at the most affordable prices!

To start a pollution-free and refreshingly pleasant environment, simply click to order your electric diffuser and essential oil from Treasure Hutch. Make sure that you also sign up for our newsletter to receive amazing discounts and complimentary products!

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