Can Essential Oils Help With PTSD?

PTSD Therapy

Believe it or not but post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can affect 7-8 out of every 100 people in the US, making it about 8 million adults to experience having PTSD during a given year. This complex mental condition can be treated by various effective treatments such as medications or therapy techniques. To support the journey of healing, essential oils are proven to positively uplift the spirits and the minds of those who are victims of traumatic experiences.

Our emotional health is as important as our bodies. Anything that goes on in the mind can impact how we live our lives including the decisions we make and how we react to certain things. When we feel anxious or distressed, our mood is directly influenced by the very emotions that fill us up. Although the moment of traumas that caused PTSD have already passed by, the symptoms can continuously haunt the individual up to the present.

Treating this psychological disarray is extremely important as this gives those with PTSD the chance to continue living normal lives. Coping through finding which tools can help reduce the symptoms of PTSD and improve the quality of life. Even though not everyone who experiences trauma ends up developing this condition, those who do are agonized by the streams of feelings that include fear, nervousness, or confusion. There are several ways to deal with this and something that can greatly contribute to the path of a healthy mind are essential oils.

Nature continues to amaze us with its healing capability. If you or someone you know suffers from PTSD, we will help you understand how and which essential oils can fight off PTSD symptoms. Keep reading to find out.


What Is PTSD


What Is PTSD?

A person who has this psychological condition experiences the same automatic physiological response to a terrifying event which is known as the “fight or flight response”. Although the difference is that there is no longer any imminent threat, the body just impulsively perceives danger, therefore making the nervous system activate the adrenal glands. These glands immediately prepare the body with a burst of strength and energy as a defense mechanism which may change the body’s system into having rapid heart rates and higher pain thresholds. There are no exact findings yet as to why some people who have had horrifying encounters develop PTSD while some others don’t. Scientists are looking into other factors such as genetics and how the brain works when met with a distressing situation.

Although more evidence is needed for this, there are at least ways on how to identify if the person is suffering from PTSD or not. The common symptoms are:

  • Detachment, avoidance, emotionally numb, or alienated
  • Having nightmares, insomnia, or frightening thoughts and flashbacks
  • Raving outbursts, easily frightened, or irritable
  • Disinterest in once pleasurable activities
  • Emotionally letdown or depressed

If you or someone you know shows most of these symptoms, seeking professional help is highly encouraged. If the diagnosis confirms PTSD, undergoing suitable treatments will help to get back on track to a normal life.  There are various ways on how to manage the trauma that is trying to take over someone’s life and the success rate in overcoming or coping with PTSD is likely high when the right people are involved.

Psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists work together to treat mental conditions. While psychologists and psychiatrists are somehow alike at diagnosing and treating behavioral problems, the therapists also contribute a large portion to one’s healing. Aromatherapists, in particular, may play a major role in someone with PTSD. They introduce the benefits of using essential oils to ease the symptoms and this method has been proven to be effective in many cases. Aromatherapy is an advantageous way of furthering the treatment of PTSD.


Aromatherapy Alleviate PTSD Symptoms


How Can Aromatherapy Help Alleviate PTSD Symptoms?

Aromatherapy or the use of pure essential oils improves emotional health by stimulating a positive and uplifting environment. The scent helps soothe the mind by creating a sense of calmness. It directly impacts the nerves after passing through the airway, giving the brain an immediate positive response. Although each aromatic oil has a different chemical makeup, most of them contain properties that are capable of calming a distressed person and they generally don’t have side-effects when properly used.

Simply put, since plant extract aromas are pleasing, they can be incorporated into relaxation training suggested by your health care provider. When the scent is adequately linked to the moment when you were creating a sense of awareness and calmness, once your PTSD is starting to manifest again, inhaling the scent can instantly evoke the relaxation response.

This is referred to as “associative learning” wherein an individual with PTSD is conditioned to the aroma of the oil to trigger automatic responses such as to relax or get back to the sense of calmness. One way of taking in the scent of aromatic oils is through a diffuser. This easily and quickly disperses the molecules of the essential oil through tiny water vapors across the room making the scent instantly able to penetrate your body.


Essential Oils For PTSD


Essential Oils for PTSD

Essential oils are mostly used for therapeutic purposes nowadays. These natural oils are on the market yet researching for what may potentially benefit, risk, or be a success in alleviating PTSD is important. There is a wide range of essential oils out there and the type of aromatic oil you would want depends on the specific outcome you expect. Here are some of the common oils that can be used for PTSD:

Lavender Research has shown how lavender may help in reducing stress, relieving anxiety, and improve mood.
Ylang-Ylang Helps soothe rage through its antidepressant properties. A Clary Sage essential oil would be a good substitute as well.
Chamomile Irritability, anxiety, depression, and worry are just some of what Chamomile can treat. A study has proved it to be anti-anxiety and anti-depressive.
Rose oil Probably the second most well-known oil, rose extract is used for anxiety and depression. It may also aid in treating grief and panic attacks.
Bergamot Study shows that bergamot oil aromatherapy can greatly reduce anxiety in patients who are about to undergo same-day surgery. It’s unclear how bergamot eases anxiety, yet inhaling it shows results of an uplifted and calmed spirit.


How To Find Essential Oils That Works for You?



Each essential oil is made up of different chemical compounds and although one can give you its primary benefits, every scent can bring you a different sensation. Since the scent plays a role in reviving memories, someone may have a positive interaction with the aroma as it interacts with the brain while you find it to be unsuitable for yourself. These are the ways on how to find which aromatic oil works for you and how to maximize its effects:

  • Take in the aroma of a few essential oils. Close your eyes and determine which scent is more appealing to you and use it consistently.
  • Incorporate healthy habits. Transform how you live your life through getting enough sleep, getting regular exercise, and having a nutritious diet.
  • Seek help. The path to overcoming PTSD can be overwhelming. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, don’t hesitate to reach out to the right people.
  • Add essential oils to your routine. A great way to experience its benefits is through a diffuser.


Why Own a Diffuser?


Why Own Essential Oil Diffuser


Installing it to where you frequently go to in your house can immediately give you a soothing effect if ever your PTSD symptoms kick in. A diffuser is a convenient way to take in the healing properties of your essential oil. Almost everyone all over the world knows how powerful this tool can be in improving the quality of life and many of them already experience the benefits of plant extracts through it. Of course, a diffuser should have excellent performance and features that are suitable for you and your home.

To ensure that you get the best quality, Treasure Hutch is definitely the place to buy your diffuser. Each diffuser has been tested to have topnotch performance and each one is built to be appropriate for every type of purpose. There is a wide selection that you can choose from and people can’t get enough of the durability, uniqueness, and excellence of the products. Moreover, you don’t have to worry any longer about where to get the essential oils. Treasure Hutch is a reputable place to get your pure and organic essential oils. This keeps you from the risk of purchasing corrupted oils that might cause more harm than healing.

Treasure Hutch is always with you every step of the way towards a life of fulfillment and serenity. We understand how difficult this journey can be for a person suffering from PTSD, that is why we have all that you need for your aromatherapeutic needs.  To get a diffuser for you or your loved ones, simply visit our shop and subscribe to our newsletter to receive complimentary products and discounts.


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