Can Tea Tree Oil Help With Acne When Used in a Diffuser?

Tea Tree Essential Oil


The stress we can get from school, work, or home can be overwhelming. Aside from that, we also get exposed to different polluted areas which can largely affect the condition of our skin. The most common result from these factors is acne breakouts which can best be remedied using diffused natural oils such as the popular Tea Tree oil.

Healthy and glowing skin can instantly boost our self-confidence and having a positive outlook on oneself can improve our well-being. Although there are many skincare products in the market which are oftentimes expensive, most of them can only target skin problems. With essential extracts such as Tea Tree oil, however, it is not just your skin that is being improved but as well as your mental and psychological health. This is a huge advantage since acne is not just caused by bacteria. Anxiety and sleep deprivation can cause breakouts too.

For a more practical way of dealing with acne, this plant extract works well with an excellent diffuser. Diffusing is a much safer option compared to lighting up scented candles which mostly emit carcinogenic compounds that are harmful to the body. Arriving at home and activating your diffuser also consumes less time and poses lesser risks when compared to topically applying the essential oil.

Although Tea Tree oil is a very effective natural acne treatment, ensuring that this is suitable for you is necessary. Before deciding to include a diffused Tea Tree oil in your daily regimen, there are just a few notes to remember about this traditional plant extract. You may also have a lot of questions in mind already and they will be addressed through this article, so keep reading!

Tea Tree Oil Skin Benefits


The Skin Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil which is also known as melaleuca oil offers several medicinal benefits on various health conditions as it contains many anti-inflammatory compounds that provide an almost endless means to achieve wellness. Aboriginal Australians have used it for thousands of years as an antifungal and antiseptic treatment and is now a popular oil for treating acne breakouts and keeping the skin healthy. These healing properties are backed up by numerous studies so including this in your skincare routine is perfectly safe as long as you use it properly.

To take full advantage of the benefits of this volatile oil, being aware of what it offers is important. Below is what a Tea Tree oil can do in enhancing the appearance of your skin:

  • Having oily skin can be a challenge. Since sebum is overly produced, dead skin cells can clog the pores thus triggering acne breakouts. However, with Tea Tree oil, oiliness can be reduced and along with that is a decrease in pore size.
  • Being prone to acne isn’t just mainly because of having too much production of sebum. Even those who have dry skin can have breakouts too. In certain times, dryness is caused by irritation and since Tea Tree oil has anti-inflammatory properties, once the irritation is cured, the skin moisture gets back to normal and the acne will start fading.
  • If you are not getting enough sleep, acne can flare up. Sleep deprivation is known to be one of the primary causes of acne. If you are having trouble getting your rest, using Tea Tree oil can help relax your body and mind. It is simply one of the best essential oils that improve the quality of sleep.
  • This potent treatment is excellent at hydrating skin when diffused. When its molecules are broken down and carried by water vapors, they can penetrate the skin and make it more glowing while at the same time reduces the presence of harmful microbes that dwell on your skin’s surface.


If you have acne-prone skin, Tea Tree oil may just be the best remedy for you. However, purchasing this essential oil should entail extreme caution. Make sure you only buy the highest quality of oil to avoid serious health risks. There are many reputable sellers such as Treasure Hutch that value and prioritize your wellness and they are the ones that you should go for.



Tea Tree Essential Oil Diffuser



How Does a Diffused Tea Tree Oil Work in Combating Acne?

Diffusers are a great way to reap the benefits of your Tea Tree essence. The oil is transformed into microscopic droplets which are then carried through water vapors. The molecules then disperse throughout the room which, if they drop on the floor or reach the ceiling, can fight off unwanted germs. Diffused essential oils give an instant effect on the body as well when inhaled. When the molecules travel through the nose, the olfactory nerve accommodates the smell up to your temporal lobe. This specific part of the brain has the amygdala, which is the emotional center of the brain, and the hippocampus, which is responsible for remembering memories. Once the gas form of Tea Tree oil passes through and reaches your brain, you will instantly experience a pharmacological effect.

Diffusing the oil will give you an immediate impact when inhaled. This is because the molecules are immediately absorbed by the nerve and give the brain the instant effect unlike taking acne treatments orally which need to be digested first. Oral treatments undergo certain processes like traveling through the bloodstream before they finally reach the different organs in the body. This makes diffused oils better than any other methods if you want on-the-spot results.

When the amygdala is triggered by the smell of the essence, streams of memories may flood back to you. This brings us intense emotions such as happiness. When the serotonin levels increase, the mood lightens up and in cases of insomnia, a more relaxed mind will take place. Having enough sleep can improve the complexion of your skin and promote faster healing of your acne. Moreover, when your skin comes in contact with the mist form of the oil, the acne-causing germs on your skin will not withstand it.





Advantages of Using Tea Tree Essential Oil With a Diffuser

There are other more specific advantages as to why resorting to diffusing your Tea Tree oil should become part of the daily routine. Using an oil diffuser is an excellent investment that can improve your overall health. It keeps you from getting exposed to certain harmful microorganisms and from purchasing costly treatments. Going natural is a huge step toward a better life. Below is a table that will show why you should have a diffuser in your home:

1. Safer than other alternatives Other aromatherapeutic products can be dangerous around small children. While scented candles may have a mixture of other harmful chemicals, warm humidifiers may burn when touched by kids. Cool humidifiers, on the other hand, may emit hazardous mineral which can irritate the respiratory system.

Diffusing is highly recommended as it is a safe way to experience tea tree oil benefits.

2. It freshens up the air Diffused Tea Tree oil can help provide moisture in the air, thus making it fresher and more purified.
3. Quickly disperses scent Diffusers are excellent at making your home or office smell good. Pleasant smells can uplift the mood which can result in experiencing lesser amounts of stress and anxiety.
4. Maintains the oil’s effectiveness Other products can reduce the quality of the essence. Meanwhile, a diffuser keeps the level of effectiveness of Tea Tree oil. It ensures that its optimal scent and properties remain high


Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil


Where To Buy Organic Tea Tree Oil and Excellent Oil Diffusers

Understanding how beneficial it is for most of us to use organic oils can improve the quality of how we live our lives. The first thing that can be noticed on our body is the skin and taking care of it must not be a complicated task nor something that will drain your pockets. In the concept of beauty and health, we tend to look for other high-priced alternatives that often disappoint us. It is time to know that starting a more natural approach in life can holistically make us look and feel better.

To start a healthier journey, owning a diffuser and a superb Tea Tree oil are just two of the starter packs. Although many of these are easily accessible in the real world and online market, most of them either lessens the caliber of the oil or the oil themselves is impure and mixed with other perilous chemicals that can be toxic when consumed. Going for legit brands can save you from all these hassles. Treasure Hutch is the best option for outstanding diffusers and magnificent oils! We offer only the top-grade quality diffusers which are tested and proven to maximize your experience with Tea Tree oil and other extracts.

Whatever kind of diffuser you want, we all have that here. Check out our products and order whichever you find suitable for you and your family. Treasure Hutch is truly the best means of starting a vigorous and joyful life!


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