Does Aromatherapy Work Quickly for Acne Breakouts?


Stress can cause acne breakouts. Fortunately, nature itself gives us the gift of healing through Aromatherapy Essential Oils that help treat acne. The stress contributed by several factors such as technology, relationships, and health is significantly higher today compared to the past. 

Essential oils are no longer new to many of us. These plant extracts, herbs, and oils can be traced back to ancient times and were widely used in Ancient Egypt, China, and India. These natural oils from plant extracts have many health benefits and they mostly have anti-bacterial properties that can help soothe skin conditions and promote fast healing. However, although essential oils are generally popular, only a few take advantage of their medicinal benefits.

Knowing how significant these oils are and learning how to use topical applications and how to apply essential oils in your daily routine can cause a huge positive and holistic impact on you. These plant essential oils have a variety of uses depending on which kind would you go for and if, in terms of acne, there are a lot of options that you can choose from. To better your acne treatment, diffusing your essential oil is a great and much safer option compared to burning incense or lighting scented candles.
To further understand how diffused essential oils can help in instantly curing acne breakouts, this guide will lay out all necessary details in the pursuit of health, wellness, and beauty, so keep reading!


The Problem With Acne Breakouts


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It can be frustrating to wake up and find out that another zit has formed on your skin especially when there is an upcoming important event. Having acne breakouts can indeed diminish your self-confidence, thus making yourself more anxious about your whole appearance. There may be temporary beauty solutions to conceal the blemishes on your face like applying foundation and concealer which most of us do to hide acne, however, this is only a Band-Aid solution.
Not only do the layers of make-up can look harsh in broad daylight, but this immediate alternative we do to hide away our acne can sometimes aggravate our present condition especially if you have sensitive skin. Aside from beauty products, we also start browsing and purchasing expensive acne creams. Although they are effective, acne can sometimes be stubborn and heal slowly. Oftentimes, when one begins to fade, another one pops up.

Aside from the skincare routine, everyone must start considering other means of targeting the root cause of acne and maintain healthier and blemish-free skin. The common causes include poor sleep, skin bacteria, allergies, stress, diet, and hormonal imbalance. Believe it or not but all these common body occurrences are best addressed by the use of organic essential oils which stimulate certain parts of the brain. These natural oils can be consumed more conveniently through diffusers which scatter the substance in the air through water vapors.

Essential oil diffusers are almost available everywhere both in stores or via websites, yet it is important to go only for those that are well-innovated and user-friendly which are appropriate for your needs. Not only that, but you have to be cautious as well in purchasing your essential oils. Some stores sell out synthetic or adulterated oils which can cause more harm than good just for the sake of profit. To ensure health and safety, Treasure Hutch is the go-to place for reputable diffusers and organic oils.


What Are the Best Aromatherapy Essential Oils for Acne Breakouts?


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If you happen to experience having acne breakouts and have already tried all treatment alternatives, you might consider opting for an essential oil therapy. The essential oils are capable of eliminating bacteria buildup on the skin while making it more hydrated. Aside from the physical benefits, aromatherapy can also help improve the mind and the spirit. To know which essential oils can best fight acne, below is a table that lists some that you may try as a remedy.


1. Grapefruit Grapefruit is an antibacterial oil that contains a healthy amount of vitamin C which makes it an excellent essential oil for acne. This oil is also best used when signs of aging start to appear or if your skin is prone to blemishes. Vitamin C acts by increasing the production of collagen which helps rebuild healthier skin and fade acne scars.
2. Tea Tree Tea Tree is getting popular as a component of many skin care products because of its ability to fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It has an effective cleansing ability which is good for oily or acne-prone skin. Its aroma can also improve your stamina and wellbeing.
3. Clary Sage An oily skin equates to glands that overproduce sebum. For this type of skin, Clary sage would be the best option for it controls excess sebum and acne. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
4. Lemon Lemon oil comes from the skin of the citrus fruit which can reduce skin inflammation and fight free radicals that cause acne including premature aging.
5. Cinnamon Inflamed acne such as nodules, pustules, and cysts can be treated with Cinnamon essential oil because of its antioxidant compound.


These Essential Oils are life-savers in dealing with acne breakouts. However, to make sure you get the full benefits without repercussions, it is recommended to consult your aromatherapist or physician first so that your situation can be assessed properly and you may be given a personalized treatment plan. They can give you advice about which essential oil suits you the most and which ones to avoid especially if you have certain allergies.


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Aromatherapy Essential Oils: How Does It Cure Acne?

By the use of our olfactory sense, aromatherapy offers a wide variety of therapeutic benefits for the improvement of our well-being through essential oils. If used in the right way, this practice can be life-changing. By triggering the emotional part of the brain, the inhaled scent molecules start to improve one’s outlook, thus reducing the amount of stress or anxiety which are the culprits in worsening acne.
Other benefits include:

  • Improving sleep quality
  • Fighting bacteria, fungus, and virus
  • Boosting immunity
  • Improving digestion
  • Treating inflammation

Take note that your mental and physical health go together. If either of the two is in crisis, both are negatively impacted. Acne breakouts can be the physical indicators that something is wrong with your body. Using aromatherapy is like hitting two birds with one stone and what’s a better way to experience it than to take advantage of the practicality of essential oil diffusers? Oil diffusers break down the organic oils into smaller molecules and diffuse them in the air for a pleasing and soothing effect. When essential oils are inhaled or diffused, the effect improves as long as proper dilution guidelines are followed.


Precautions in Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Diffusers

The surprising health benefits of diffused essential oils may fascinate you and make you decide to get one right away. However, you should execute this practice with caution and you must remember a few things to get the full effect:

  • Carefully follow the proper dilution guidelines which your aromatherapist can provide.
  • Secure a patch test to ensure that you won’t have allergic reactions to a preferred essential oil.
  • Consult your doctor first if you are an older adult, younger than 12, pregnant, or breastfeeding.
  • Choose pet-friendly essential oils if you have pets.
  • Diffuse only in a well-ventilated room.
  • Diffusing intermittently is recommended. Turning the machine on for 60 minutes and turning it off for another 60 minutes maximum.


Essential oil diffusers


Characteristics of the Perfect Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser

Essential Oil diffusers are a convenient way of getting the benefits from essential oils. Although there are lots that you can see and purchase, you must carefully choose the product you buy. It must pass certain standards not only for your convenience but for you to also maximize the use and benefits of it and the essential oils used.

In choosing the perfect diffuser, you should determine why you need it in the first place and where it is going to be placed. These are significant factors that need to be considered before installing one because some diffusers may have large or small capacities. The operating time is also important. This allows you to know the amount of time the essential oils must be dispersed, turned off, or refilled. Design is a must as well. If it’s going to be used for kids, it should be appropriately appealing and user-friendly. Compact diffusers are best for cars or office use.
If you are wondering where to get top-notch diffusers, Treasure Hutch is the go-to place! They have a wide variety of options that you can choose from with unique designs that will suit your interior. They are also trusted when it comes to pure essential oils and people keep coming back for these organics.
You are only one click away from ordering the best oil diffuser. Get one for you and your loved ones right now!

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