How To Use an Essential Oil Diffuser for Your Clothing

essential oil diffuser for your clothing

Smelling fresh ideally starts with the clothes you wear and there is nothing far better than using an all-natural scent alternative such as essential oils with an essential oil diffuser. It is an economical and convenient option that also offers a wide range of medicinal benefits.

Clothes are primarily important as they are being used every day depending on the event or occasion. You may have experienced getting disappointed when you pull off your favorite garment out of the wardrobe and realize that it is smelling musty and therefore you cannot use it right away. Although some commercial laundry products can give you the Eau de fabric perfume scent, some users complain that this does not last that long. This experience not only cost you money but as well as the effort which went down to the drain.

Another great quality of using essential oils is that they do not merely give off a pleasant smell. Along with the aroma are very tiny molecules that cling to the atmosphere which can give you a therapeutic experience that deals with almost all sorts of psychological or physical issues. These substances should not be underestimated at all for they can also work on eliminating the lingering micro-organisms on your clothes or wardrobe.

If getting a diffuser is on your mind now, this article will guide you through the use of an essential oil diffuser regarding your favorite apparel. You will also find out how to exactly determine which diffuser to go for and which essences can give you a long-lasting and invigorating smell. Keep reading!


essential oil diffusers work with your garments


How Essential Oil Diffusers Work With Your Garments

Considerably, one of the low maintenance ways towards making your home comfortably clean and fragrant are essential oil diffusers and they are truly must-haves. These are perfect for wardrobes, closets, and most especially for clothes that are seldom used and are sitting in the dark corners for a long time. The process is easy with oil diffusers. You only have to dilute a few drops of essential oil to an amount of water, place the lid back in, plug the device and turn it on. An appropriate diffuser is a convenient means to experience your favorite aromas from plant extracts.

What a diffuser does when it functions is it simply starts to break down the molecules of the extracts into tiny particles. Some diffusers may require water as the carrier of the oil while the rest may only just work with the essential oil alone. When the particles start to form into a cold vapor, it then begins to disperse in the air. The scattered mist eventually rests on surfaces it can reach such as the fabric of your clothes when the diffuser is inside your closet. Knowing which type of diffuser to use is necessary to fully receive the aromatherapeutic benefits.

Moreover, the unit must be used intermittently depending on the level of concentration that is present in the atmosphere. This depends on whether the diffuser is solely used for an enclosed wardrobe or it is placed in a corner near your garments where your family members may also get exposed to when they pass by. If the level of diffusion is low, then the unit can be used for any length of time. However, to be safe, you may leave the device on for 30 to 60 minutes and another 30 to 60 minutes off. The reason behind having an intermittent pattern in using a diffuser is because there is evidence that the body may end up becoming stressed in several ways if it gets a long exposure to essential oils.


method to use an oil diffuser with your clothes


Method on How To Use an Oil Diffuser With Your Clothes

In using a diffuser for your clothes, there isn’t much of a complicated process just so you can maintain or improve the smell of your clothes. The diffuser does all the work for you just as long as you choose the right type including the right essential oil which would not only give the garments a natural smell but as well as protect them from bacteria and from insects that may get in the area.

To install the diffuser for your clothes you only have to:

  • Only use pure essential oils in your diffuser. Dilute if necessary.
  • Place the essential oil diffuser at the bottom of the wardrobe.
  • Ensure that it sticks in place and doesn’t spill to avoid staining your fabrics.
  • Give allowance between each clothing on the rack so the mist can travel and rest on all of its areas.
  • Leave it on for a reasonable length of time.
  • Maintain the unit by cleaning it regularly to avoid making it a breeding place for unwanted micro-organisms.


choosing the right oil diffuser


Choosing the Right Oil Diffuser

Selecting which appropriate essential oil diffuser to use depends on your situation. Do you want it working inside your wardrobe? Or would you want it to be simply placed openly under a rack of clothes? You have to determine which would be better for you depending on several factors.



Since your aim is to maintain the freshness and cleanliness of your clothes even though they are stored inside the wardrobe, then the type of diffuser must go accordingly with that.



The ideal diffuser which can be used solely for wardrobes emits enough vapor in the space. Any compact diffusers will be sufficient considering how small the area is. These are more commonly known as passive diffusers which are particularly for small areas. Passive diffusers only allow the oil to evaporate in the air. They are low-maintenance and are the least expensive as well. However, if you want the other areas out of the wardrobe to be covered by the mist from the diffuser, you may just leave your wardrobe open and let the diffuser run according to its recommended time. The diffuser you need this time would be much larger depending on the size of the environment.

Portable diffusers can scent a small room, ultrasonics are good for medium to large rooms, and nebulizing diffusers can cover up to 400 to 500 sq. ft. or more.


The Strength of the Scent

It is important to know that some diffusers emit more aromas than others. Usually, the ones that are for large spaces disperse a higher amount of oil molecules when compared to passive diffusers. Since it is only your clothes that you target to smell pleasant, a passive diffuser will suffice in reaching your objective. The intensity of the aroma also depends on the kind of essential oil you use. The ones that are commonly used for garments are:

  • Lemon

  • Red Mandarin

  • Eucalyptus

  • Orange

  • Tea Tree

  • Thyme

  • Rosemary


Do You Have Pets or Kids?

Some members of the family may have an allergy to one of the essential oils you want to use. Make sure that everyone inside your home will be able to tolerate the scent and the effects that the essential essences may bring to the body once inhaled. If there are kids, avoid diffusers made up of fragile glasses. If you have pets, ensure that they do not experience any breathing problems or any condition that may be aggravated when essential oil molecules fill the air. Be careful when choosing and handling your plant extracts too. Some may be toxic for your furry companions either if the oil is inhaled or licked up in the case of a spill.



The market has been flooded with numerous diffusers due to its popularity. This is actually a good thing since this gives you a lot more options at a different price range. The portable or compact diffusers only cost around $15 while the traditional diffusers range from around $50 to $100. To easily decide on a diffuser, just check if it ticks all the boxes on this criteria.


Treasure Hutch Essential Oil Diffuser


Need a Diffuser?

It is amazing how essential oils and diffusers can help improve your life in so many ways! Of course, the advice that you get from this article will only prove useful to you once you get yourself your very own diffuser. It is time that you let yourself indulge in the medicinal properties of these plant extracts through any type of diffuser you wish to have. The scent that may linger in your wardrobe or anywhere in your home through the oils can reduce your stress and increase your happy hormones.

If you need one or more diffusers now, check out Treasure Hutch right away! We have all kind of diffusers you want for your wardrobe. If you want to maximize your experience, you may also purchase one for your bedroom, dining room, and even one for your kitchen. Treasure Hutch continues to serve those who have different needs through aromatherapy.

Get your diffuser now and don’t forget to bring home your favorite essential oils too! You can even gift these to those who are close to your heart. Everything you need is available only at Treasure Hutch, your partner in health.

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