What Essential Oils Can Help With Concentration and Focus?


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Concentrating while being under pressure either due to an upcoming exam or work presentation is not easy. Luckily, essential oils are here to save the day with their tested and proven ability to increase attentiveness.

The lack of concentration and focus is caused by many factors that include sleep disorders such as insomnia and psychological conditions like anxiety, stress, and trauma. When the physical and mental state of the body is experiencing an imbalance, this will exhibit undesirable outcomes. No matter how hard you try to memorize or understand something, you will most likely end up having brain fog or confusion. Although you may resort to using medications to target the causes of inattention or take away all distractions, these methods mostly end up in vain.

However, with the proven effectiveness of essential oils in stimulating the mind in several ways that are advantageous to an individual, the struggle to concentrate will be replaced with a more sharpened and focus-filled mind. To understand how essential oils play a huge part in changing how the mind works, keep reading this article!


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What Causes Lack of Concentration and Focus?

Having intrusive thoughts, difficulty staying awake, or inattention can be caused by either cognitive, psychological, or medical problems. Irregular sleeping patterns or bad habits may also be perpetrators. The difficulty to stay focused could be that there is a case of attention deficit disorder or it has been the result of an illness or any other possible events.

If the lack of focus is caused by medical conditions, the known factors would be chronic illnesses, infections, stroke, or sleep apnea. Cognitively, concentration difficulties can be associated with ADHD, vision disorders, learning disabilities, or dementia. Meanwhile, for the psychological aspect, the common factors may include depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, or stress. Identifying the real causes of inattentiveness is extremely necessary before an appropriate treatment can be given.

If in any case, poor concentration gets either worse, does not have any identifiable cause, or lasts for more than two days, seek a medical professional right away for an evaluation to avoid the worsening of this condition. Generally, the common causes of lack of attentiveness can be improved by the use of essential oils. Moreover, in most cases, this is also helpful to children with ADHD. Although there is no significant evidence yet that essential oils can directly reduce the symptoms, these plant extracts can help in other ways. A small research conducted in 2001 has shown that vetiver oil improved the symptoms.


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How Does a Brain React With the Aroma of Essential Oils?

The brain is never at rest and can be affected by a lot of internal or external factors. When there is a disturbance to the normalcies that take place in the frontal lobe such as concentration or memory, one of the best ways to deal with it naturally is through inhalation of essential oils. Simply take note, however, that the aroma does not work like a drug. It is rather a tool that needs to be associated with an event or an experience so that when it is inhaled, there is an automatic response that goes out of it. This Conditioning Theory proves to be effective when applied to aromatherapy.

This would mean that taking in the molecules of the essential oil while training your mind to have a sharpened focus can contribute to a future event once inattentiveness occurs again. This is because the aroma travels directly to your temporal lobe and influences it to bring back the time when you were concentrating, thus making you feel calm, relaxed, and focused right in an instant.

Simply put, the odor is a stimulus and the associated event becomes the automatic response. This is how much a scent can affect the way our mind works which makes it a great instrument to lengthen our attention span and focus on whatever needs to be done. This also explains why the liking and disliking of a certain aroma vary from one person to another. Behind every smell is a corresponding memory. So, the next time you have to finish a task, or finish a performance, having an essential oil near you will help you big time!


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The Perfect Essential Oils for Activities That Require Focus

There are more than a hundred essential oils that are commonly used and among them are for increased concentration. What gives essential oils the edge as a treatment for inattentiveness is the pleasant aroma that can linger across the room. Its tiny droplets or the mist sticks against wherever it lands thus gives a longer-lasting smell. Since there is a strong connection between aroma and how the body system works, the presence of an appropriate scent can increase productivity and creativity which are the main contributors to finishing an excellent outcome.

Below are the standout aromatherapeutic oils for focus and concentration. Know which one works for you including what certain properties would be beneficial for your tasks:

Rosemary With its stimulating property, Rosemary can aid in improving memory retention and increasing alertness.
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus has a high concentration effective for treating lethargy whilst increasing alertness as well. In some cases, this is a more profound way to stay awake when compared to caffeine without the side effects. Also, it works with your respiratory system which lessens the obstacle in focusing during cold and flu seasons.
Basil Basil contains Linalool which is a chemical component known to reduce stress. When the level of stress is low, the ability to think clearer and to focus gets improved.
Lemon It has been shown in Japanese research that Lemon is an effective agent for focus and productivity. It shows that a room filled with its aroma lowers typing mistakes by 54% by employees who worked with computers.


Peppermint The distinct smell can invigorate you when you feel lethargic. It also helps ease the flow of how your mind works and keeps it from getting stuck.  It helps in clearing your thoughts while improving focus.
Vetiver When your lack of concentration is affected mainly psychologically like stress, Vetiver is an excellent reliever. It lowers stress feelings and improves mood.


Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways, but what is more convenient than letting a diffuser do all the work for you? This innovation has helped people across the globe to have a quality state of mind and spirit. What it does is disperses the mist form of the oil all over the area. The scent instantly reveals the chemical properties responsible for an uplifting and a more relaxing environment and a calmer mind. Diffusers, unlike any other aromatherapeutic mediums, do not mess up with the oil’s structure, but instead, it delivers the pure organic extract through water vapors without the mixture of any other harmful substances.

Precautions in Using Essential Oils

Essential oils are generally safe. That does not mean, however, that everyone can tolerate the different chemical properties that compose a particular aromatic extract. Considering that each body works differently, there’s a need to ensure safety while incorporating essential oils into your routine. Here are a few takeaways:

  • A patch test first to check if there would be any reactions.
  • Diffuse intermittently.
  • Only diffuse in well-ventilated rooms.
  • Do not use oils that are kept for more than 3 years.
  • Consult with your doctor or aromatherapist regarding which essential oil will work best for you.


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How To Further the Benefits of Essential Oils in Concentrating and Focusing

With a lot of tasks that need to be accomplished and completed every day, the level of stress and panic to cope with the deadlines increases. With the help of essential oils, you will be abundantly aided with several powerful properties that can boost your energy and concentration. The best way to take in essential oils during work or study time is none other than Treasure Hutch’s excellent and innovative set of diffusers. Each diffuser has been made in detail to conform to everybody’s needs.

There is a wide variety which you choose from depending on your location and the space of the room. Whether you are studying in your car, room, or you are trying to concentrate on preparing your presentation or proposals, we have all that you need. From compact to diffusers for large rooms, everything is possible with Treasure Hutch. It is no wonder why many people get their diffusers from Treasure Hutch. We produce the highest quality products that will help improve your daily tasks!

Also, you no longer have to search where to get excellent and pure essential oils. We understand how risky it can be when a number of essential oil products that are unsafe are in the market. Hence why we decided to work directly with the producers of oils to maintain the standard of each extract.

Need a boost for your concentration? Get your oil diffuser now at Treasure Hutch and enjoy discounts and more!

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