Champaca Essential Oil, The Price You Pay For The World’s Most Expensive Oil

Champaca Essential Oil

Champaca essential oil is the world’s most expensive oil at this time. Many people use this, especially women, because it adorns their hair and garments with it. In this article you will know why it is the most expensive oil in the world.


What Is Champaca Essential Oil and Why Is It The Most Expensive Oil In The World

Yellow Champaca Essential Oil

Champaca is made from the fresh wild flower of the white magnolia tree and is popular among the native West Asian women because it is derived from a subtropical tree with its gorgeous and deeply fragrant flower. The steam distillation of the fragrant flower is extracted. The extract of this flower is used as a primary ingredient in the world’s most expensive perfumes because of its very sweet scent. People believe that it has more health benefits and it is used as an alternative treatment for headaches, depressive disorder. This beautiful and seductive fragrance relaxes, strengthens the mind, improving focus and produces a celestial atmosphere.

History and Fragrance Information of Champaca Essential Oil

The scientific name of Magnolia Champaca is called Michelia Champaca. And they offer large and generous crops that show golden flowers. It is the native to Philippines and the Indonesian islands and now it grows in far places of India, Southeast China, Reunion and Madagascar. The champaca flower is beautiful with its deep orange-yellow bore in its medium size, related to Magnolia. Champaca flower is used for worship in temples and also for ornamental purposes in some areas where it thrives.

The fragrant of champaca trees don’t get any larger than 30 feet, tall and wide. And it is trimmed like a lollipop shape and has a slender, light gray trunk and a rounded crown. In summer and early autumn they appear. Your garden and backyard are intense and perfume with its smell. In fact, the smell of the flower is so lovely, mysterious and it is the reason why it appears to be the most expensive perfume in the world. The leaves of the tree grow to 10 inches long . The flower stays on the tree for a year. They have a green color, slender and very shiny. And everyone really loves the smell of this beautiful flower!


Where Can You Buy Champaca Essential Oil

Essential Oil Store

You can buy Champaca essential oil through online selling platforms like ebay, amazon, or any online that sells this oil. Also, in the department stores that are near you like in the classique herbs store and many other cosmetic products stores. If you order it online you are going to pay for the delivery.


Prices Ranges Of Champaca Oil, What Is a Good Deal

I researched many websites in the US that sold Champaca Oil and here is a comparison table of the top 9 brands.

Champaca Essential Oil High Altitude Naturals 10ml $92.99
Champaca Essential Oil Miracle Botanical 10ml $29.97
Champaca Essential Oil Authentic Oil Co 10ml $28.76
Champaca Essential Oil Fair Organic 2ml $22.08
Champaca Essential Oil Avadata Aromatherapy 5ml $21.07
Champaca Essential Oil Sheer Essence 30ml $20.50
Champaca Essential Oil Sanford Scent Bar 10ml $18.46
Champaca Essential Oil Alla Export 5ml $16.15
Champaca Essential Oil Eco Aurous 15ml $15.99


The price ranges are based on the sizes and quality of the essential oil.


How To Tell If The Champaca Oil You Bought Is Real

Fake Or Real Champaca Essential Oil

Essential oil’s authenticity can make or break down your body system. If you apply a fake oil, your problem might get worse. Here are the five tips on how to know if it is real:

1. Know the color of the bottle made of

Real essential oils must be stored in a dark colored glass container because it can really go bad if it is exposed to ultraviolet radiation. If you found it stored in the clear colored bottles then they are fake.

2. Know how it is obtained

Real essential oil comes from a good farm. You need to look at how they’re farmed it. Ask the question, are they using toxic chemicals on it? If they can’t answer your questions then it is fake.

3. Look at the cost of essential oil

If you have found the selling price of the essential oil is good to be true it’s probably fake.

4. The smell of essential oil

You will know if it is real if you smell slightly different from bottle to bottle. If it smells consistently exactly the same in every single bottle, it is fake because they chemically have the same smell over and over.

5. The name of the oil says

If it is real then it will be added to the name on it. For example, lavender, has a latin designation where it comes from like lavandula augustifolia for lavender. If the Latin lingo is absent then it is fake.


The Benefits and Uses Of Champaca Essential Oil

Champaca oil carries high value in medicine that treat conditions such as fever, cough, leprosy, ulcer, wounds, skin diseases, abdominal colic, rheumatism, constipation, dysmenorrhea, and bronchitis. Also used to calm, reduce stress, aid breathing and induce euphoria. And, can also be used in aroma lamps, diffuser, bath, inhaler, massage, light bulb ring, and mist spray. And this essential oil is a holistic therapy.

The champaca essential oil is abundant these are the most noteworthy ones that researchers have been proven lately:

  1. Wonderful flavoring agent – it is a natural flavoring agent due to its aromatic volatile compounds. It is collected via headspace method and analysis by GC-MS/ GAS Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry method and it identifies a total of 43 VOCs from fully opened champaca flowers. And that’s why they possess  a refreshing and fruity odor.
  2. Fight against bacteria – International Journal of Enhanced Research in Science, Teachnology, Engineering  in 2016 published a paper that states that the oil of champaca flower fight against these bacterie: coli, subtilis, paratyphi, salmonella typhosa, staphylococcus aureus, and micrococcus pyogenes var. albus The compound of linalool protects it from microbes. Another study published in 2002 states that the extracts of methanol in its leaves, seeds and stems exhibit its broad spectrum activity of antibacterial properties. The targets of the cell membrane, cell walls, and protein of bacteria are the essential oil targets.
  3. Repels Insect And Bugs – due to its compound linalool oxide, champaca is well known as insect repellent. It can kill off mosquitoes and other small insects.
  4. Treat Rheumatism – rheumatism is a self destructive condition accompanied by pain in the joints, swelling and difficulty in moving. However, the extracted oil of the champaca flower is the best essential oil to put on your feet and useful to treat rheumatism. A gentle massage of the champaca oil can cure painful joints.
  5. Treats cephalalgia – it is a type of tension of the headache that spreads to the neck. The essential oil of the champaca flower is highly useful to treat this cephalgia over the affected area.
  6. Heals ophthalmia – ophthalmia is a condition of your eyes becoming red and inflamed. Conjunctivitis is a type of ophthalmia which is common on pain, swelling, redness, trouble in vision, and any signs of eye inflammation. Researchers have found that champaca essential oil is very useful in treating ophthalmia.
  7. Effective antidepressant – champaca flowers relieve and relax your body and it is a popular aroma oil therapy.


Champaca has the most unique scent among any other floral. The smell is a velvety, smooth, vanilla-sweet botanical with warm, dense, peach apricot notes and spicy tea like hints that stay in the long drydown.The blossom of champaca is usually used to make an “attar” which is viewed as a heavenly scent and the refining oil from the blossom will go directly to a receiver containing oil of Sandalwood. As cited in Guenther’s, the champaca flower is one of the most exquisite of the raw materials of perfumery.  And everyone could agree more!


The Most Common Properties Of Champaca Essential Oil

The plant possesses numerous pharmacological properties such as:

  • Antioxidant – it is the substance that protects cells from the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals may play a part in cancer, heart disease, stroke and other diseases of aging. Essential oil helps you to prevent as well as recover from diseases.
  • Insecticidal – can kill insects and can control their growth naturally.
  • Anti-inflammatory – it blocks certain substances in the body that cause inflammation. It reduces redness,pain, swelling, high temperature, and difficulty in moving.
  • Mood elevator – it improves or uplifts your mood. It is an antidepressant.
  • Antidinic – it can treat vertigo. Vertigo is your sensation of your environment or anything around you that is moving.
  • Carminative – eliminates gas. It is an agent that prevents gas in the gastrointestinal tract. And for infants, it helps in the treatment of colic. And it cleanses the bowels.
  • Antidiabetic – to relieve or reduce high blood sugar levels that can cause many diseases which may lead to death if not curable.
  • Analgesic – reduces pain without loss of your consciousness.
  • Hemostatic – prevents or stops bleeding which means to keep blood within a damaged blood vessel.
  • Diuretic – removal of excess water, salts, poisons, and accumulated metabolic products from the body which may cause various disease states.
  • Astringent – it prevents excess oil production in the body and makes your skin less oily.
  • Antimicrobial – it fights harmful bacteria and fungi. And anything that destroys their growth or their ability to reproduce.
  • Anthelmintic – it prevents and treats stomach worms and other internal parasites from the body by either stunning or killing them without causing significant damage to the host. It is used to treat people who are infected by helminths, a condition called helminthiasis. And it also used to treat infected animals.
  • Antidepressant – it helps to reduce stress, eases depression, anxiety disorder, seasonal affective disorder, as well as other conditions.
  • Anticariogenic – it prevents dental cavities. According to the study published in 2017, the oil carries huge preventing dental cavities. It also helps to stop tooth pain. Champaca essential oil was using the method of hydro-distillation.  It has been observed by the MIC ( Minimum Inhibitory Concentration) that the oil is 25mg and it has an inhibition zone (active area) of 33mm which is comparable to the standard antibiotic called gentamicin.
  • Antipyretic – it treats  It reduces high body temperature and restores it back to normal body temperature.


Warning In Using Champaca Essential Oil

One of the main constituents of champaca essential oil is linalool. Linalool is a floral and spicy terpene alcohol. It is found in plants such as citrus fruits and lavender.  According to (Abu Shah et al, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 2013), It reaches 70% of linalool. It is the essence of anti inflammatory and analgesic. According to (Christensson JB et al. Contact dermatitis, 2012) linalool is also considered as a possible allergen cause in people predisposed to contact allergies. For this reason, you need to test a small patch area of your skin to test if there is any reaction. If not, then continue using.


Why Champaca Is The Most Expensive Oil In The World

Therefore, Champaca essential oil is the most expensive oil in the world because of its lovely, sweet, mysterious, unique fragrance of this flower. It gives a lot of health benefits to our body that can help or prevent many kinds of diseases like constipation, dysmenorrhea, diabetes, cardiac disorders, uplifts mood, fever, treats wounds, gout, and many more. The health benefits of this champaca essential oil are abundant and the properties are extremely studied by the researchers.

Champaca essential oil goes through a process called steam distillation that extracts an aromatic compound from this plant. Also it uses the method called cold methods. And this is the reason why champaca essential oil is the most expensive oil in the world.


Is Champaca Oil Really Worth The Price?

Absolutely, Yes!. Because champaca essential oil has this unique, sweet smell that everyone can love. And by that it is naturally made of. And absolutely it can have good benefits for the body and I guess most people love to look at it.

 It’s my opinion that you get what you pay for and  if you are seeking one of the world’s most exotic essential oils visit any online selling platform.


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